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gitfiles replied to your post “Hey beautiful people!”

you shell call him squishy?

Nah… I already have my squishy

But I shall squish a lot, all the time, yeah *O* lolll IT’S SO DARN CUTE WHEN HE GROWLS

I feel loved ç.ç

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Hey beautiful people!

I’ve been meaning to make this post has been a couple of days but i’m so forgetful, I’d always come to the pc do 100 stuff and only remember this post when i lay in bed XD But anyways, I just wanna THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on saturday. I don’t have much reasons to celebrate my birthdays since a few years, but I’m lucky that I have friends that always manage to make the day special. So thank you thank you thank you so much

Ps.: Guess what I asked (and got) as a gift for my 21st bday?!?!?!

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Favorite Olivia Scenes #10

I don’t wanna shoot you, but I will.

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Now see that, I love that. Two young people holding their hands up saying, 'I'm proud I come from District 12, we will not be overlooked.' I love that!

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Olivia was all of that to me. There was no one like her.

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Because across all of time and space, this strange little family has always managed to find each other, one way or another. And if Olivia and Walter could eventually remember someone who had been completely erased from the universe, is it so implausible that Peter could remember all they’d learned, all they’d suffered, all they’d lost, and what a good man his father truly was?

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You truly are the only one in all the realms who believes in me.

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I’m so happy for you detective, despite of who you’re marrying.

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